Dr. Anna von Bonin

Dr. Anna von Bonin, Notarin, Düsseldorf

International Clients

Under German law, certain important transactions need to be notarized in order to be binding and effective. This is, amongst others, the case for any transaction involving real estate, the foundation of a GmbH or the transfer of shares in a German limited liability company (GmbH). The notarization is designed to provide all parties involved with neutral advice by the notary and ensures a secure and efficient execution of the contract. The notarization process, during which the notary reads the relevant documents to the parties involved, may appear very formal but makes sure that all parties are fully aware of the obligations they enter into and have the possibility to ask any question they may have.

As a German notary, I have the same university degree and training as a judge and am by law neutral. I am appointed by the state and hold public office, any information shared with me in my professional capacity is legally privileged. I provide you with reliable and effective legal solutions individually tailored to your requirements.

My team and I are happy to advise and notarize in German and English.

Uncomplicated. Reliable. Personal.

Real estate

We are happy to assist you with any real estate transaction. Based on the information provided by you, we draft the relevant documents, such as the purchase agreement (Kaufvertrag) and/or the mortgage (Grundschuld). During the notarization I will take you through the documents step by step and we can discuss any questions you may have. Afterwards, my team and I take care of the entire execution of the contract on your behalf, especially of any exchange with the relevant authorities and the banks involved.

You are welcome to use this form (Real estate purchase) to provide us with the relevant information for your real estate transaction.


The notarial advice of companies all through their life cycle is one of our core competences. We can support you in setting up your company, in particular a limited liability company (GmbH), the acquisition or sale of shares in a German GmbH or any type of merger, including cross-border transactions.

In Germany, almost all companies and certain relevant information (management, address, statutory capital) have to be registered in the commercial register (Handelsregister). We are happy to assist you with any filing with the commercial register, for example regarding the transfer of the company’s seat or a change in management.

Wherever helpful, we will liaise with your legal and tax advisors and can also provide you with bilingual documentation for your project.

If you wish to set up a GmbH, you are welcome to use this form (Formation of a GmbH”) to provide us with the relevant information.

Estate Planning

In many families, an early and thorough planning of one’s (legal) succession and the distribution of assets over the generations is key to avoid conflicts and preserve the family estate – in particular, but not exclusively, where operating businesses are concerned. This includes the setting up of an unambiguous will as well as an evaluation of the possibilities of gifting assets to your partner or children – always in consideration of the tax related options and restrictions. I am happy to evaluate your current situation and design an individual solution for your estate planning –  where helpful in close cooperation with your tax and other legal advisors.

Certifications and other services

For certain official documentation, both German and international, you may need the notarial certification of your signature (Beglaubigung) where I confirm that you personally have signed the relevant document in my presence. You can obtain such certification from us, by appointment only. Please bring with you the document you need to sign as well as your valid passport/identity card.


The notarial costs are based on statutory fees which are identical for every notary. They are dependent on the value of the individual matter. Notaries are not allowed to charge more than the statutory fees applicable but may also not waive any  fees incurred.

The fees for the notarization always include the advice provided by my team and me as well as the drafting of the documentation – regardless of the complexity of the matter and the time spent. Only if we draft a document for you which is afterwards not notarized, isolated fees may become payable.

For the execution of certain transactions, for example the registration of a newly founded GmbH in the commercial register, additional court fees will become payable.

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„We provide reliable and effective legal solutions individually tailored to your requirements.“

My team and I are happy to assist with any questions you may have.